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How to Start Your Own Garden

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As you may have read in our recent blogs, starting your own garden is a great way to Go Green and live sustainably. Check out this go-to guide on how to create your own garden using a variety of different methods!

1. Clear garden space in your yard, build a planter box or purchase a planter box like the one below:

2. Soil

  • You can even create your own compost soil through Bokashi Composting. This is an anaerobic process that relies on inoculated bran to ferment kitchen waste, such as fruits and vegetable peelings, meat, and dairy. For hands on learning and to get your own starter kit, check out the Bokashi Workshop hosted by Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, happening TOMORROW (1/11) NIGHT! 

3. Test your soil pH before you plant!

  • Soil pH for vegetables should be 6.0–7.0. If the pH is too high or too low, nutrients will not be available to the plants, no matter how much fertilizer is added.

4. Choose your plants!

  • Start with seeds or starter plants purchased from your local nursery or gardening store.

5. Watering

  • A consistent watering schedule is vital for a healthy garden. Watering should be done as early in the morning as possible. Use a drip line that attaches to your water outlet; placed at the base of the plants is the best choice when watering vegetable gardens. Avoid using overhead sprinklers or hand watering as these methods make plants more susceptible to disease and fungus growth. 

Tips for Gardening in Hawaii

  • Stay Away From Non-Native Plants. Planting non-native plants, especially invasive plants can harm the natural environment of Hawaii as they easily spread and choke out native plants. Below are some examples of invasive plants in Hawaii.

  • Plan Your Planting. While you may think that Hawaii’s year round warm weather is perfect for planting at anytime of the year, that is not the case. Seasons and months are very important to growing in Hawaii. Make sure to research what plants to grow when, depending on the moon and the time of year. Plant root crops between the full and new moon, and above ground crops between the new and full moon.

Get growing and go organic! We hope you enjoy these gardening tips, stay tuned for future tips and tricks!

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