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Coachella: The Appeal and Community Love

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For those that have never heard the phrase “Chella” shouted giddily by music and art lovers, let me explain. Based out of Indio,California, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the most popular of its kind globally with ticket prices ranging from $400-$900. The festival brings in about 100,000 people daily, to a city whose population is roughly only 76,000, during back to back weekends in April. What’s all the hype about? Over a three day span, more than 150 artists from around the world come to perform on six main stages which lie on the 330-acre Empire Polo Club grounds. This includes the likes of hip hop icons Future and Kendrick Lamar, world renowned DJ’s Martin Garrix and Porter Robinson, popstars Lorde and Lady Gaga, and top indie bands Radiohead and Bon Iver. The music is amazing, the art structures are awesome, but what really makes Coachella special is the buzz around it that creates an unparalleled vibe.

Coachella has succeeded because of two main reasons: a special feeling the atmosphere brings created organically and how this is maximized by marketing prowess by those that put on the event. Once you enter the camp grounds, it’s evident that everyone is there to have an amazing time. I did not experience a single person who didn’t walk through the security checkpoints without bubbling excitement. Not only are people excited for themselves, but they are excited to share a great time with everyone else! Festival goers share water, sunscreen, and other necessities openly while teaching helpful tips about the most effective way to go about the weekend that they’ve learned in the past. Part of the fun are the performers, but more than that is the people. At Coachella, there is no semblance of difference in ethnicity, religion, or political viewpoints. All in attendance can let loose and celebrate each other strictly as human beings. This creates a liberating feeling that allows people to truly be at ease with themselves; a feeling that is replicated in few other circumstances.

The organic atmosphere that’s created is then magnified by the manner in which the event is put on, social media, and the trendiness that it comes with. Coachella is marketed as a mystical place far away that holds the answer to all your dreams. Indeed, it is perfectly placed in the desert away from any larger urban areas helping to feed into the idea of it being a jewel cast in the middle of nowhere. Far away from society, it is then priced highly making it seem an even more coveted experience. Those that are lucky enough to go often save up and plan a year in advance to attend the festival. In addition, there is a relatively large celebrity presence which creates a lure in itself. Musicians can be seen supporting their compadres and other red carpet regulars can be caught soaking up the affluent positive energy themselves. 

In this day in age, technology is everything and with that comes social media. Coachella’s reach to people across the nation and world is strongly influenced by the impact social media has on younger generations. The event is streamed on different media outlets to entice future festival goers and people who go post about it like crazy. This is consistent with the current culture of making sure the world knows about what we do on a daily basis, especially something as big of a deal as Coachella. Throw in celebrity media profiles and sharing mediums are bombarded with everything “chella”. This all adds to the event’s trendiness and how it is received by those who like to live as a part of the latest trends.

Coachella is so much more than the performers and attractions. It is about the people and the vibe they carry with them throughout the weekend. When people leave Indio after their time at Coachella comes to an end, it’s the people that they miss. I would love to ride on a subway or walk downtown with people on a spiritual high as people did during Coachella. I would highly suggest getting a taste of everything in this article for yourself… It is completely worth it!

For more information on how businesses uses Coachella’s reach for their own branding check out this article.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next blog post!  

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