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Benefits to Cooking Your Own Meals

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One easy, fun way to improve your physical health, mental well-being, and overall lifestyle is cooking your own meals! Not everyone loves to cook or considers themselves a top chef, but there are simple ways to prepare a meal and it’s the process that means more than anything. 

First, before we start cooking anything, we need food. As pedestrian as making a grocery list sounds, it can benefit the way you live. No one wants to get excited about making their favorite things and realize they don’t have the necessary requirements. The time you take to plan out a meal, figure out what you need, and then find those things have major implications in becoming a more organized person. Constant practice in making lists and completing them will translate over to other areas of your life and help to wane the constant clutter of thoughts going on in our heads.

Now that you have your ingredients, it’s time to cook! As you begin to cook, notice what is going into your meal. Take a second to realize that every time you buy a meal, you can not say for certain what exactly is going into your body. This is a very important part of maintaining physical health. As a collegiate athlete, I can’t stress enough the value of giving your body what it needs to do what you want it to. In reality, we can’t always determine what’s in our fast food or dine-out meals, but we can take back control of our bodies in the kitchen!

Knowing what’s going into your pot or oven helps physical health, but wait … there’s always more. The actual action of cooking is good for your body as well! No, it won’t do much as far as burning calories, but it goes a long way towards your mental health. Just as painting, woodwork, and design are stress relievers, cooking is a creative outlet. Immerse yourself in the chopping, stirring, and simmering!

People who cook their own meals gain a greater appreciation for food in general and tend to enjoy the food they’ve cooked more. Not to mention, deciding to eat at home is cost effective vs. eating out. Lastly, once you’ve accomplished cooking a meal it can be shared with family and loved ones :)

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