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5 Trending Superfoods

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Five things you can eat (and drink) that will greatly improve your health, without doing anything drastic!


Tart cherries are great for maintaining and improving mental, along with physical health. Fresh fruits have recently been recommended as one of the best foods in aiding the recovery process of tired and broken down muscles. Tart cherries also help ease skeletal issues such as arthritis. For the brain, tart cherries increase cognitive function while improving sleep quality. 

Tart cherry limeade recipe, perfect for a hot summer day!


Watercress’ health benefits span so much further than can be explained in this blog. This in mind, one of its major functions is as a preventative measure to serious diseases. High in vitamin C and Folate, watercress can boost your immune system, prevent strokes and act as an antidepressant. Where watercress really shines, is in it’s help to aid the body in resisting different cancers.

17 Watercress recipes you'll love


Acai berries are common here in Hawaii in the famous “Acai Bowl” form. It tastes delicious and does amazing things for your body. Acai berries help with heart function and are packed with antioxidants. Acai gives a boost of energy and has a range of anti-aging qualities that are even used in skin care products.

3 must try Acai bowl recipes


Kombucha is trending as the hip way to stay healthy, and for good reason. Kombucha originated in China over 2,00 years ago, and is an elixirr that combines bacteria and yeast with tea, along with fruits and juice variations.. Although it may sound strange, Kombucha is full of good for the belly probiotics along with helpful detoxification and digestive qualities, among other great benefits. On Oahu, Sky Kombucha has been producing quality organic and locally sourced beverages since 2013. Their tasty kombucha that can be found in many of our local grocery stores. Our favorite is the Watermelon, Lime, Mint!

How to make your own Kombucha!


Brussel sprouts, or those tiny cabbage looking vegetables, can do wonders for your body. Health benefits include bone health, vision maintenance, and diabetes control. Maybe the most notable attribute of brussel sprouts is that it is one of the biggest cancer fighting foods you can eat. Brussel sprouts may pose threat to many as a childhood nightmare, but with these guys good things do come in small packages. 

36 delicious Brussel Sprout recipes

Looking for an awesome local spot to try acai bowls and Sky Kombucha? Check out Hiking Hawaii Cafe!

Thanks for reading and catch up with me next week for more! :) 

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